The impact of COVID-19 means some customers may experience delays in our service and we’d like to apologise if you're affected. We're working hard to ensure all cases are fully investigated and we'd like to thank you for your patience as we continue to adjust to these challenging times. You should Contact Us as soon as possible if your personal circumstances have changed or your services have been impacted.

About us

Find out who we are and how we help consumers and businesses resolve disputes; learn more about why we exist and how we operate.

We’re here to support consumers and empower businesses.

We were founded in 2002 to provide independent dispute resolution across a range of sectors, including energy and communications.

We’re not a watchdog or a regulator – our job is to resolve complaints - so we can put consumers back into the position they were in before the issue occurred. We also work to help businesses understand their customers, so they can serve them better and resolve problems faster.

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1.3 million cases

We’ve handled over 1.3 million cases* and have over 2,000 businesses signed up to use our service.

*Ombudsman Services Management Information 2018.

How we’re regulated.

We are governed by a number of main bodies who oversee our work to ensure we remain impartial and everything we do complies with the latest standards.

How we're regulated

Why we exist.

Ombudsman Services exists to ensure fair treatment for all, with unique data, human perspective and meaningful insight. Enlightening businesses and supporting consumers to build trust and work in harmony.

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