If your energy supplier has ceased trading, we’ll provide an update on your case as soon as Ofgem nominate a 'Supplier of Last Resort' to take over as your new supplier. Until that time we appreciate your patience and recommend you take a meter reading.

More information on our SoLR process is available here.

Annual reports.

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Independent Assessor's report.

The Independent Assessor investigates complaints raised about Ombudsman Services using the terms of reference provided by the board. Each year the Independent Assessor publishes a report into the service complaints that have been concluded.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity reporting.

As part of our ADR approval, under Schedule 5 of the Regulations, Ombudsman Services are required to produce annual activity reports.

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Consumer action monitor report.

The Consumer Action Monitor report (CAM) is the most comprehensive multi-sector survey of its kind in the UK. The CAM report gives an insight into consumer attitudes on the goods and services they buy and use.

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Complaints data.

Want to know more about the types and volumes of complaints we handle across the organisation?

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Key Performance Indicators.

We publish quarterly Key Performance Indicator statistics to reflect our performance in the communications sector, as required by Ofcom. We report on: calls answered in less than two minutes; calls answered in less than five minutes; decisions issued within six weeks; decisions issues within eight weeks; and written correspondence replied to within 10 days.