Consumer action monitor report

Consumer action monitor report

The Consumer Action Monitor report (CAM) is the most comprehensive multi-sector survey of its kind in the UK. The CAM report gives an insight into consumer attitudes on the goods and services they buy and use.

Now in its fifth year, the Consumer action monitor report 2018 reveals a trend towards passive action as disillusionment bites.

Frustrated with poor service and unmet expectations, we are seeing more consumers voting with their feet rather than registering their complaints formally.

With disillusionment giving way to a new type of consumer activism, businesses need to shift their thinking when it comes to customer experience and complaint handling.

The most successful companies are those that use technology to complement their customer service, and work with stakeholders to take a 360-degree view of the complaints process – so that trends can be identified and problems are addressed at the root.

If consumers complain more and companies commit to improving customer service issues, the result will be consumer protection that is good for consumers and good for business.

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