If we decide that a participating company has made a mistake or treated you unfairly, we may require a remedy that returns you to the position you would be in if the mistake had not occurred. 

Examples of such remedies include: 

  • correcting billing errors;
  • fixing or replacing faulty equipment;
  • refunding over payments;
  • clearing charges that you would not have incurred if the company had acted in a reasonable manner; 
  • covering expenses you incurred as a result of an error or omission from the company; 
  • covering losses suffered by a business as a direct consequence of the company’s actions. 

In addition to putting things right, we can require companies to apologise for things that went wrong. Such apologies might have a financial award attached to acknowledge inconvenience and upset. The level of any award will relate to the impact on you. If your circumstances mean that the impact was significant, please let us know. For more information read our financial awards guidance for consumers.