We can help with a range of problems related to the price of energy, however unless you think your supplier is charging more than is allowed under Ofgem’s price cap, we won’t be able to consider complaints about the actual price of energy.

For more information about the support that is available if you are struggling to pay your energy bills, we recommend visiting the Citizens Advice website or talking directly to your supplier.

Our mission and values.

Find out more about why we exist, and how we’re working to build trust between consumers and businesses

Why we exist

Ombudsman Services exists to ensure fair treatment for all, with unique data, human perspective and meaningful insight. Enlightening businesses and supporting consumers to build trust and work in harmony.

Ombudsman Services

To our consumers we are...

the people they can turn to for impartial advice and a solution that’s fair.

To our partners we are...

the people they look to for knowledgeable and insightful ways to help them reduce complaints by enabling them to make the changes they need to deliver better customer service.

To our regulators we are...

champions in protecting rights as well as partners in information sharing, we share our analysis so that regulators and business partners can make improvements.

To our people we are...

here to enable them to deliver clarity to consumers and partners through meaningful work.

2020 Value statements

Our values are what define us and guide our decisions as a business.

Being balanced

Being open

Being courageous

Being empathetic