Chairing the Ombudsman Association

The position of Chair of the Ombudsman Association (OA) is usually held by someone for two years; after which they stand down from the executive committee. During my two years as chair I’ve been involved in a number of initiatives and changes at the OA. My term started in the middle of a consultation on changing the nature and membership of the OA.


Students missing out by not knowing their rights

Students are missing out on £262m a year because they do not know their rights. According to new research from Ombudsman Services, three in five students have experienced problems with a company since leaving home for university, and they estimate this costs them more than £150 a year each as a result.


Help making an energy complaint

Last year an average of 325 people a day contacted the energy ombudsman and we helped to resolve 39,281 energy complaints*. While it’s great that so many people are aware of the energy ombudsman and want to take advantage of this free and easy-to-use service, 49% of complainants contact us either too early or too late.