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Complaints data

Complaints data

Consumers, participating companies, media and other organisations frequently ask about the types and volumes of complaints and enquiries that we handle. We currently share a range of figures in our annual report, including the total number of complaints we resolve and a breakdown by sector. We also publish quarterly statistics about the complaints we accept and resolve in the energy sector.

Visit explaining our complaints data to find out more.

Quarterly energy data

We publish quarterly statistics about the complaints we accept and resolve in the energy sector:

Q1 2015 I Q2 2015 I Q3 2015 I Q4 2015 I Q1 2016 I Q2 2016 I Q3 2016

We also provide a breakdown for the largest energy companies (based on customer base). The data that we publish includes residential and business where the company operates in both markets.

*We began publishing data about Extra Energy from Q4 2015.

Annual reports

Each year in our annual report we include a range of statistics for the previous financial year. We show the figures as an organisational wide total and sliced by sector. The figures that we publish include:

  • Total initial contacts and how we were contacted
  • Breakdown of written contacts
  • Total number of complaints we resolved
  • Percentage of contacts inside (ITOR) and outside (OTOR) our terms of reference
  • Reasons we could not accept a complaint
  • Number of Ombudsman Services employees by gender
  • Number of website visitors and Twitter followers
  • Top three causes of complaint by sector
  • Key performance indicators by sector