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Consumer action monitor

Consumer Action Monitor

This page includes information about our annual Consumer Action Monitor (CAM) - the most comprehensive multi-sector survey of its kind in the UK. The CAM report gives an insight into consumer attitudes on the goods and services they buy and use.

Consumer action monitor
Ombudsman Services’ consumer complaints report 2016
Now in its third year, the consumer action monitor (CAM) report once again reflects on a busy year for consumer rights.
A positive step this year is the news that fewer people are likely to put up with poor service from a company than last year, however there are still a worrying number of complaints not acted upon. An increase in court fees in 2014 made it more expensive for consumers to find justice through judicial routes, which means that cases taken to ombudsmen are now more than double those taken to small claims courts.
Download the full CAM 2016 report here.
CAM 2016 report headlines
52 million complaints about products and services were made last year
Fee increase sees consumers seek redress through non-judicial routes
Complaints taken to ombudsmen more than double those taken to Small Claims Court
A quarter of complaints (23%) related to issues with retailers, with faulty products the most common cause of dissatisfaction amongst consumers 
The next most problematic sectors were telecommunications (16%) and energy (13%)
Half (48%) of people saying they’d be happy with an apology; less than a third (31%) of people said they expect financial compensation
Read the CAM 2016 press release here.

Consumer Action Monitor 2017

CAM 2017 foreword banner.png

Complaints made by UK consumers reached 55 million in 2016 – up by three million from last year – with over a quarter now more likely to complain about an issue than they were 12 months ago. However, over 75 million issues were ignored, because many perceive the complaining process to be too much hassle, and don’t trust businesses to look after their interests.

While many businesses are committed to putting the consumer at the heart of what they do, one in five consumers still don’t believe that companies are listening to them, and many feel resigned to poor service.

Download the full Consumer Action Monitor 2017.

The £37 billion cost of poor service

  • More than a quarter (28%) of consumers spent less or left a brand altogether as a result of bad service
  • Number of complaints increased to 55 million in 2016 - up by three million from 2015
  • Continued poor service by brands leaves customers disillusioned 

Read the full CAM 2017 press release.


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