Consumer roadshow 2017

Ombudsman Services on the road

January 2017 marks the start of our nationwide consumer roadshows. We’re taking our promotional van (Ombudsvan) into the heart of local communities and touring local shopping centres. Our adapted van will be decked out with promotional materials, a plasma screen and laptops so that we are ready to log consumers complaints on the spot. Ombudsman Services' operational colleagues, who have a raft of experience in complaints handling, will be on hand to listen to your issues, log your complaints and advise of the next steps in the complaints process. Their route around the country will take them on a whistle-stop tour of the North West, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East.

Ombudsman Services is the largest multi-sector ombudsman in the UK and a not-for-profit organisation which operates at no cost to the public purse or to consumers. Last year, we handled over 95,000 complaints in the UK.

Chief Ombudsman, Lewis Shand Smith, says: “It is important people know their consumer rights and don’t put up with bad service. Complaining should be an easy, hassle-free experience - if you are still in a dispute with a company after eight weeks, Ombudsman Services can look into the case for free and provide a resolution.

"If you feel like a company is not listening to your complaint or you are not sure about how to go about raising an issue, come down and speak to us at our roadshow. We will happily talk you through how to complain and we can register a complaint for you there and then."

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