Join Ombudsman Services

If you are a NALS registered letting agent, a RICS regulated firm, a UKALA member, a collective management organisation or a Green Deal provider please do not use the online sign-up form, contact the applications team or on 01925 430870.

The sign-up process for all other companies must be completed online. When you submit an application you will need to download and save two documents; the deed poll and the pro forma invoice.

We will also send you a confirmation email containing links to the deed poll and pro forma invoice.

When we receive the signed deed poll and payment for the correct subscription fee you will receive an email confirming that your application has been successful.

We do not provide a membership number but we will list your company's trading names on this site, along with a link to your website if you have one. A listing on this website is confirmation that a company has joined our scheme.

Join now using the online sign up form

*** Note: Please don't use the online form for the NALS offer or to register as a Green Deal Provider'

This should be completed by a person who is able to act on behalf of your company. They will need some additional information to complete the form, during sign up the form, for example:

  • who to contact at the company about financial and operational issues;
  • who to contact if we receive a complaint from one of your customers;
  • your company number and place it is incorporated in, if it is a registered (limited) company;
  • your annual turnover (communications companies only)

The deed poll

This is a key part of a contract between your company and Ombudsman Services in which you agree to our terms of reference and comply with our final proposed decision, which the consumer has accepted. The deed poll is a legal document which is enforceable in a court by the consumer or by us. The deed poll must be signed by a person at the company who has the authority to enter into a legally binding contract.

For the "Guide to completing the deed poll" click here.

Subscription and case fees

For information on costs please contact or phone us on 01925 430 870.

Annual turnover

We may need this information to calculate your subscription fee. You should include revenues from all domestic customers and all small business customers which spend less than £5000 per year (including VAT) with your company. You should include only retail and not wholesale revenues, even if the wholesale revenues relate to the provision of services to domestic and small business customers.