Subscriptions and case fees 

Ombudsman Services is funded by the companies it handles complaints about. We charge an annual subscription fee and a case fee for each complaint we accept. 

The subscription fee

The amount we charge for the annual subscription depends on the type of business you operate and in which month of the financial year you join us. The financial year for Ombudsman Services runs from 1 January to 31 December. If you join one of our services after January we will reduce the fees proportionately.

What is included in the subscription fee?

Green-tickCompliance with regulatory requirements. 

Green-tickRelationship manager or co-ordinator. 

Green-tickOptional visits to our offices plus conference calls if required.  

Green-tickComplaints resolved informally, often within six weeks. 

Green-tickAccess to our experienced case handling teams. 

Green-tickCompany listing and link on our website.

Green-tickExclusive free of charge logo to display as a mark of quality and commitment.

The case fee

If we accept a complaint for consideration we charge a ‘case fee’– its payment is not dependent on outcome. This means that the more complaints companies resolve in-house, the less they pay to the ombudsman – a clear incentive to improve customer service. 

Our service is free to use for consumers - this is a regulatory requirement. 

For information regarding the cost of Ombudsman Services please contact our business development team on 01925 430870 or email