Our powers

If, following our review of the complaint, we decide that a remedy is appropriate, we can require:

Sometimes we may decide that no further action is required of a company. Sometimes we may decide that a remedy is appropriate, and can require a company to provide their customer with:

  • an apology;
  • an explanation as to what went wrong;
  • a practical action to correct the problem; or
  • a financial award. (subject to a limit)

  • A remedy usually includes more than one of these factors.

    We may also make recommendations to a company so that they can avoid similar problems happening again.

    Implementing our remedy

    If a consumer accepts our decision the participating company has 28 days to put in place what we have asked for. In exceptional circumstances, if it is not possible to complete what we've asked for within 28 days, the company needs to let us know and we may allow more time.

    We will be in contact with the participating company until we are satisfied that the complaint has been resolved. If our proposed remedy isn't implemented, the consumer can take legal action. Companies that implement our remedies as soon as possible within the 28 days are more likely to retain their customers.