The Vikings are coming to Hack Manchester!


Ombudsman Services are very excited to be sponsoring Hack Manchester for the first time.

So, what has that got to do with Vikings?
The word Ombudsman comes from Old Norse word umboðsmaðr – meaning “representative of the people”.

The first ombudsman was created in Sweden more than 200 years ago and was setup to provide protection for the individual where there is an imbalance of power. Initially, this imbalance was between the citizen and the state; this why they are often referred to as “Protector of the People”. Nowadays Ombudsman has embraced other sectors; not just the public sector, but also private and independent sectors.

At Ombudsman Services we operate in a number of sectors including Energy, Communications, Property and Parking on Private Land (parking tickets)…..we call it POPLA for short.

We aim to be Good for Consumers - Good for Business

We try to achieve that by; providing an affordable path to Justice, improve business practice and reducing consumer detriment. As you can imagine this presents fantastic opportunities for technology & data within our business. We are always on the lookout for great people to join our great cause.

If you encounter somebody from OS, it will be difficult to not notice how driven they are by the social mission and the values that lead the organisation such as; Having the passion to put things right, Continuously learning to break new ground, Trusting each other to be our best every day, Making a difference together!

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The Challenge

Last year Ombudsman Services dealt with over 95,000 complaints from consumers just like you, who had already complained to their service provider. A critical element of our customer experience provides reassurance and aims to de-stress the situation – But what would the opposite be like?

Your challenge is to create something that will make a consumer even angrier when registering a complaint

We want you to create the most frustrating, irritating, intolerable and anger inducing complaint experience. Be careful though, if you make it too infuriating people might not actually register the complaint, so you will need to entice them to complete the torturous process. You could Gamify complaint registration, you could create an Alexa skill as a virtual ombudsman. No one needs to tell them that your game might be rigged or your virtual ombudsman is obnoxious, or you could just slap the complainant with a foam hand every time they make a complaint.
Surprise us & them with your evil genius.

The Prizes

Our judges Lee Clayton & Cath Baguley can’t wait to see your wonderful creations and for each member of the winning team there will be an Amazon Fire 10HD with Alexa Hands-free, a Rocketbook and some Viking Lego.

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Good Luck #VikingChallenge