We can help with a range of problems related to the price of energy, however unless you think your supplier is charging more than is allowed under Ofgem’s price cap, we won’t be able to consider complaints about the actual price of energy.

For more information about the support that is available if you are struggling to pay your energy bills, we recommend visiting the Citizens Advice website or talking directly to your supplier.

Coronavirus: July 2020 update for consumers

Jul 01, 2020

We hope as you read this update that you are safe and well.

Back in April, at the height of lockdown, we notified consumers and microbusinesses wanting to log an energy or communications complaint with us that we were making some temporary changes to our processes.

These changes included:

  • Prioritising customers and complaints that required immediate attention and essential support; and
  • Giving consumers (as well as businesses being complained about) an extra 28 days to add evidence and prepare their case. We advised at the time that these changes would most likely result in delays in the processing of complaints.

Changes as of Wednesday 1 July

Following discussions with the industry regulators in energy (Ofgem) and communications (Ofcom), as of Wednesday 1 July we ended the temporary measures set out above.

This means that our operational processes have now returned to normal, with no prioritisation of complaints and no additional time for adding evidence.

All companies are required to deal with complaints brought to Ombudsman Services by their customers within normal timeframes and according to normal requirements.

Please note that the additional 28 for days for adding evidence (mentioned above) will apply for complaints accepted for investigation up to and including Tuesday 30 June.