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Energy brokers must be signed up to ADR scheme by December 2022

The Energy Ombudsman is urging energy brokers across the UK to join the scheme this summer to ensure they are registered in time to continue working with microbusiness customers.

Ombudsman Services | Aug 18, 2022

As a result of Ofgem’s Microbusiness Strategic Review, the Energy Ombudsman has put in place an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for energy brokers when they deal with microbusiness customers.

The broker ADR scheme is set to go live on 1 December, 2022, and applications to join the scheme are now open. Energy brokers are being encouraged to complete their application as soon as possible, so they are registered in time. Qualifying brokers that make their application by the end of August will be guaranteed to be members of the scheme from 1 December.

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“It’s vital that energy brokers enrol onto the ADR scheme as soon as possible, so that they can continue to work with microbusiness customers from 1 December.

Time is of the essence with this scheme so they need to register as soon as possible if they want to be on the register by 1 December, 2022.”

Ed Dodman, Director at the Energy Ombudsman, is urging energy brokers to register soon.

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Louise van Rensburg, Head of Non-domestic Retail Policy at Ofgem, added: “A broker ADR scheme will fill an existing protection gap and enable microbusinesses to resolve disputes they have with energy brokers via an independent body. Energy brokers can be an important support to microbusiness customers and schemes like this can also help build trust and confidence.

“While we have asked energy suppliers to formally confirm that they have alerted the energy brokers they work with to the requirement to join this first qualifying ADR scheme if they work with microbusinesses, we also strongly encourage energy brokers to ensure they are signed up as soon as possible to ensure a smooth go live in December.”

For further information please contact energybrokerinfo@ombudsman-services.org or go to the website: www.ombudsman-services.org/sectors/energy-brokers

You will be able to access all relevant documents about the scheme, videos on how the scheme will operate and what you need to do to join the scheme, frequently asked questions and access to the application process.