Eversmart Energy: media statement

Ombudsman Services | Sep 06, 2019

Ofgem announced on Friday 6 September that Eversmart Energy had ceased trading.

Responding to the news, Energy Ombudsman chief executive Matthew Vickers said:

“We have seen a significant increase in complaints about Eversmart Energy, receiving four times as many complaints so far this year (225) as we did in the whole of last year (55). Billing and switching problems have been the main drivers of unresolved complaints about the company.

“If you have complained to us about Eversmart and are awaiting a case investigation, decision or remedy we will contact you with an update soon. It’s unlikely that we will be able to take any further action on your complaint.

“In addition, as of today we cannot investigate any new complaints about Eversmart. We appreciate that this will be disappointing and frustrating for affected customers.

“As a not-for-profit ombudsman, we are funded by the case fees that energy companies pay to have complaints reviewed.

“In common with many other failed suppliers, Eversmart has ceased trading owing us a significant amount of money in unpaid case fees, increasing our exposure to bad debt.”