If your energy supplier has ceased trading, we’ll provide an update on your case as soon as Ofgem nominate a 'Supplier of Last Resort' to take over as your new supplier. Until that time we appreciate your patience and recommend you take a meter reading.

More information on our SoLR process is available here.

Hub Energy: Advice for consumers and update on complaints

A copy of an email/letter that we have sent to consumers who had a complaint about Hub Energy open with us at the time the company ceased trading on 08 August 2021.

Ombudsman Services | Aug 16, 2021

Dear consumer,

We hope you’re well.

As you may be aware, Hub Energy ceased trading on Monday 9th August.

This means that they won’t be able to carry out any resolution we may have required in response to your dispute. As we’re unable to take further action we unfortunately have to close your case.

We appreciate that this will be frustrating and we’re sorry that we’re unable to continue providing support in resolving your dispute.

Hub Energy and E.ON Next

E.ON Next has been appointed as your new supplier by energy regulator Ofgem. As a customer of Hub Energy you’re advised to:

  • record a meter reading and
  • not switch suppliers before the transfer is completed.

E.ON Next will be in contact in the coming days. Please be assured that any outstanding credit balances, including money owed will be honoured. If, once you’ve transferred from Hub Energy to E.ON Next, you decide to switch, you won’t be charged exit fees.

If you have any queries or concerns about the way E.ON Next has taken over your energy supply, you should contact them in the first instance. You might find this page on the E.ON website helpful: https://www.eonnext.com/hub-energy.

Although E.ON Next is not responsible for any complaints you had about Hub Energy, you do have the right to complain to E.ON Next if you’re unhappy with any element of the service they offer as your new supplier. If any new complaint to E.ON Next is unresolved after eight weeks you can escalate it to us.

Once again, we apologise that we are unable to take any further action on your complaint about Hub Energy.

Information from E.ON Next and Ofgem:

Kind regards,

The Energy Ombudsman