International Women’s Day: #BalanceForBetter

Ombudsman Services | Mar 08, 2019

Promoting a diverse and inclusive place to work, with equality and fairness at the core of everything we do, is something we’re passionate about at Ombudsman Services.

To mark International Women’s Day, we’re reflecting on our ongoing efforts to build a better balance through bringing talented men and women together at all levels of the organisation.

We’re committed to attracting, retaining and developing our diverse talent by supporting flexible working practices and empowering our women and men to achieve and grow.

Our 2018 gender pay report shows a 2% improvement from the previous year, with an increase in the proportion of women in the upper and middle pay quartiles. We’re working hard to ensure this positive trend continues.

From the executive team and ombudsman team to operations and support functions such as HR, marketing and IT, we’re proud to say that we have women working in important roles across the board.

Chief Transformation Officer Gill Taylor has been driving our change agenda while Chief Relationships Officer Sarah Barrett is responsible for ensuring we meet the changing needs of consumers, businesses and other stakeholders.

Sarah attended a Women in Business roundtable earlier this week, at which she spoke of her passion for inspiring the next generation of women and the importance of sponsorship in the workplace.

Speaking of inspiring women, we’re incredibly proud that one of our colleagues has been included in the Northern Power Women future list for 2019.

Account Development Consultant Samantha Wilcock, who is the face of Ombudsman Services for many of our participating companies, was recognised after being nominated by people outside our organisation.

She said:

“During my nine years at Ombudsman Services, we have seen an increase in the number of women in roles across the business. I feel we have engaged women and men from all industries and business areas to drive our transformation forward.”

You can read more about Sam, her story and her nomination here.

To celebrate today, we also asked other women from across the organisation to describe their experience of working at Ombudsman Services. Here are some of their comments:

“No matter what area of the business you are in or what position you hold, there are always successful women in the workplace. Ombudsman Services has a higher ratio of women than men throughout the workforce, many of whom hold positions of responsibility. This instils confidence in other women who want to succeed.”

“Coming here was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in work or made to feel like I couldn’t do something because I’m a woman. It’s been great to see women in all sorts of roles over the company, from customer facing-roles to managers, heads of department and leadership. I’ve been given loads of opportunities over the four years I’ve been here – I’ve never been held back because of being a woman.”

“During the time I have worked for Ombudsman Services, I have never felt that my gender has ever been an issue in speaking to anyone within the business or when looking to be considered for various opportunities. I feel as though my thoughts and opinions are valued equally among my colleagues, and I have never received any derogatory remarks about my gender.”

“I have interacted with people within the business from operations, to the executives, and have found that my knowledge and skills are valued most of all. Ombudsman Services has always been great at promoting diversity and equality throughout the business and I hope this continues.”