A spooky cocktail of spirits, vortexes, and exorcisms

by Communications Team | Oct 22, 2013

After months of being unsettled in their home Mrs Crook and her family decided to take action against an otherworldly force that was causing upset to her and her family.

The Crook’s family home was being haunted by an unwanted, negative spirit that was causing her and her family much distress. To help cleanse their home of this defiant ghost they employed the services of an experienced ‘spirit release’ professional.

Mrs Crook was relieved that after such a tormenting and unnerving time that her house would once again be a home. However, this was not to be the case. After the spirit release had performed the exorcism ceremony, the Crooks were unfortunately left worse off than before. The fact was, instead of cleansing the home of the spirit, the service provider had opened up a vortex within the house that allowed for more ghosts and spirits to roam freely. This meant that the Crook family was not only let down by the spirit cleansing company not fulfilling the services that they had been paid to do, but the family was also left frightened and found it incredibly difficult to continue living in their home. 

Dissatisfied with the service she received, Mrs Crook pursued a full refund from the company. The request was declined as the company stated they had successfully completed the exorcism.

As a result the Crooks made an official complaint through an alternative ombudsman service. Finding it a lengthy process Mrs Crook contacted Ombudsman Services to see if we could process her complaint quicker under our property sector service offering. Ombudsman Jon Lenton said “We’re always happy to help complainants resolve their problems but this was just one complaint that even we didn’t have the powers to sort out”.

We advised Mrs Crook that we would be unable to help on this occasion but wished her luck in her claim in getting her refund. We were also happy to hear that since then Mrs Crook has recruited the skills of an alternative company to banish the ghosts causing so much unrest for her family, to her delight this time the exorcism was successful and the company was also able close the vortex to the other side. 

Ombudsman Services case studies are anonymous. We do not name the participating companies and complainants’ names are fictional.