The Energy Ombudsman releases December complaints figures

by Communications Team | Jan 03, 2014

More than 1,805 energy complaints in December alone – a 106% rise

December figures from Ombudsman Services, the Ombudsman for the energy sector, reveal that energy complaints continue to be at an all-time high with a 106% increase over complaints figures in December 2012.

Chief Energy Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith welcomes new legislation this week that limits tariffs and simplify prices. He says: "Our complaints figures tell us just how tough things are for consumers. We are now receiving more than 300 complaints a week and often these come from people who have been confused by the tariffs on offer. Ofgem’s new rules make life simpler and fairer for consumers, which can only be a good thing."

A full breakdown of the latest complaints statistics can be found below.