Energy complaints reach record levels in April

by Communications Team | May 12, 2014

Complaints to the Energy Ombudsman nearly treble in 12 months to 3,892 complaints in April alone – a 193% rise on April 2013 


April figures from Ombudsman Services, the Ombudsman for the energy sector, reveal that energy complaints have continued to soar to record levels with a 193% increase on complaints figures from April 2013. The 3,892 complaints made this past month represent another record-breaking month with an increase of 8 per cent on the complaints made in March 2014.

The April complaints data reveals that 3,261 complaints last month were related to billing with no bill received, quality of customer service and disputes over charges making up the majority of these complaints. Additionally, 524 of the received complaints were made relating to transfers with transfer requests not being actioned making up nearly half of these complaints.

Chief Energy Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith commented: “We are seeing consumer frustration growing in the UK due to the rising cost of living. This is causing Brits to become increasingly aware of their outgoing expenses, less willing to put up with poor services and more likely to make a query when something has gone wrong.” 

“In the event that anything does goes wrong for consumers and the energy supplier is unable to resolve the problem, people can come to the Energy Ombudsman who will consider their complaint.”