npower agreement with Ofgem on Ombudsman complaints

by Communications Team | Jul 20, 2015

From today (21 July) npower will offer support for approximately 1,000 customers whose Energy Ombudsman complaint has taken longer than the required 28 days to finally resolve.  For these 1,000 customers, npower will write off any debt on their account and also provide free energy until the Ombudsman’s rulings have been applied in full.  This measure has been agreed with Ofgem and the Ombudsman.

Commenting on the announcement, Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith says: “Ombudsman Services decisions are legally binding upon the energy companies and should be implemented within 28 days of a consumer agreeing to a decision. Failure to implement remedies is detrimental to the complainant, damaging to npower’s reputation and undermines the value of the ombudsman service. In May we introduced new requirements that mean that failure to implement remedies in full within 28 days are met with tougher financial penalties.

"We are therefore pleased with today’s announcement and have worked very closely with both Ofgem and npower to ensure the best outcomes for consumers who have been affected by delays in remedy delivery. We welcome the efforts npower has already made to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion for consumers and are confident that they will continue to work to ensure that remedies are implemented within the required timescales.”

For more information, you can read the Ofgem statement here.