Citizens Advice report: Research into consumer decision making on energy efficiency improvements

by Communications Team` | Jul 29, 2016

Commenting on the Citizens Advice report, Energising homeowners: Research into consumer decision-making on energy efficiency improvements, Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith says:

“We welcome the report which sets out a framework for encouraging consumers to invest in energy efficiency measures.

“There is much to be built on from the Green Deal, but some of the policy objectives were frustrated by the complexities of the framework used. For consumers, the framework was characterised by patchwork coverage which led to uneven awareness of and access to redress mechanisms. Some of these were based on arbitration which is not free for consumers to use and which is effectively a private court.

“For consumers there are significant benefits in having a single, mandatory redress mechanism to encourage awareness of and participation in redress and we believe that if anything does go wrong, consumers should be able to access a consistent, effectively and timely process for getting things put right.”