Rising fees stop complaints

by Communications Team | Aug 23, 2016

Ombudsman Services' response to Registry Trust Limited data release

It is deeply concerning that both customers and companies are being priced out of taking legal action against businesses that owe them money due to rising court fees and this is ultimately putting justice at risk. If a consumer has a complaint or problem they have the right to complain to get their problem resolved, it shouldn't just be reserved for the privileged few. 

Our most recent Consumer Action Monitor - the most comprehensive multi-sector survey of its kind in the UK - similarly found that the cost and complexity of going through the courts present significant barriers to effective redress. Against a backdrop of rising social justice in the UK, alternative dispute resolution is the linchpin of an important and growing part of the civil justice system - offering a free, quick and simple way for consumers to complain.

Lewis Shand Smith
Chief Ombudsman, Ombudsman Services