Response to Ofgem story about switching increase

by Communications Team | Feb 27, 2017

Today (27 February) Ofgem announced that switching is up by nearly 30% as millions go 'energy shopping'.

Lewis Shand Smith, Chief Ombudsman at Ombudsman Services, says: “Switching is an important tool for consumers to get the best energy deal they can, but switching can be tricky and time consuming, and this is putting a lot of people off.

“Last year we received 3,066 complaints about switching, down by 36% from 2015. This indicates that companies are getting better at managing transfers and any complaints related to them, which is good news for consumers. 

"If something does go wrong, the company you’re switching to should be able to resolve the problem. If your complaint hasn’t been resolved in eight weeks, Ombudsman Services: Energy will be able to review your case for free.

Published February 2017