Future Energy customers: refund of credit balance

by Ombudsman Services | Jun 01, 2018

At the time Future Energy went into administration some customers may have had a credit balance on their Future Energy account. Green Star Energy will honour all outstanding credit balances for current and past customers.

However, it is important to bear in mind that some customers will have unbilled charges that will need to be billed. For example, this would be the case if a customer transferred away and Future Energy had not billed the energy usage up to the date the customer transferred.

The charges will be calculated by Future Energy’s administrators and any credit balance on the account will be used towards these charges. It is therefore possible that a credit balance will be reduced or in some circumstances may change to a debit balance. This would occur if the credit balance was not enough to cover the charges.

Green Star Energy will contact customers to inform them whether they have a credit or debit balance and what the next steps will be.

Disputes about the balance

In cases where there is a dispute about the credit balance (or debit balance), we would expect Green Star Energy to demonstrate to the customer how the balance has been determined. Customers may need to assist Green Star Energy by providing meter readings or historical billing and payment information.

The balance will likely be correct if accurate meter readings have been used and historical billing and payment information have been taken into account. However, if customers have any concerns regarding the balance or billing of their account, they should contact Green Star Energy in the first instance via the following:

Email: newsupplier@mygreenstarenergy.com

Telephone: 0800 029 1560

Please click here to be directed to Ofgem’s website for further advice.

Future Energy Administrators

If you have been contacted by the Administrators of Future Energy regarding a debt you owe, and you have a query regarding this, you should contact CDS Global Limited via the following:

Email: futureenergy_admin@cds.org.uk
Tel: 0116 296 1438