Ombudsman response to Ofgem's survey on how suppliers handle complaints

Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith Comments on Ofgem’s survey on how energy suppliers handle complaints.


Rising fees stop complaints

Both customers and companies are being priced out of taking legal action against businesses that owe them money due to rising court fees.


Domestic General appoints Ombudsman Services to handle complaints

Leading UK appliance care specialist Domestic & General has appointed Ombudsman Services to provide ADR to its customers.


Ombudsman response to Ofgem's CMA announcement

Lewis Shand Smith, Chief Ombudsman at the Energy Ombudsman, has welcomed the latest announcement from Ofgem regarding their approach to the remedies of the CMA.


Citizens Advice report: Research into consumer decision making on energy efficiency improvements

Consumers should be able to access a consistent, effectively and timely process for getting things put right.


Ombudsman advice to avoid bill shock this summer

We've published advice to help consumers avoid bill shock when using their mobile phones abroad, including advice for those whose phones may be lost or stolen.


A decade of the Energy Ombudsman - more than 160,000 complaints received

Over 160,000 complaints have been received by the Energy Ombudsman in the last decade since it launched in 2006.


Ombudsman Services appoints new chair and three non-executive directors

Ombudsman Services have appointed a new chair and three non-executive directors to its board of directors.


Ombudsman response to CMA report into GB energy market

Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith comments on the CMA final report into the GB energy market.


Ombudsman and City Council to help Dundonians in a jam over customer service

We're at the Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee on Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July. Dundee City Council's Trusted Traders team will be joining us.


Response to Ofgem announcement

Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand Smith comments on Ofgem's investigation into Scottish Power's customer service.


University experts call for consumer rights to be taken seriously

To mark World Consumer Rights Day experts from Queen Margaret University have published a new research report highlighting the value of ombudsman schemes in helping consumers realise their rights.


2015 complaints top 50 million

How alternative dispute resolution, including ombudsmen, is an important and growing part of the civil justice system as a whole.


New Look appoints Ombudsman Services to handle complaints

New Look has appointed Ombudsman Services to provide a bespoke Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for its customers.


Complaints to the Energy Ombudsman up 23% since 2014

Energy complaints have increased in 2014. However, recent figures imply energy companies are starting to show signs of improvement.


The Federation of Communication Services (FCS) appoint Ombudsman Services

We have been contracted to provide an alternative dispute resolution scheme for providers registered with the Federation of Communication Services (FCS).


ISPA and the ITSPA appoint Ombudsman Services

We are now providing a complaints handling scheme for members of the Internet Services Providers’ Association and the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association


Ombudsman Services appointed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has appointed Ombudsman Services to act as the independent review service for complaints about its organisation.


Black Friday - advice for consumers

Advice about what to do if one of your Black Friday purchases turns out to be faulty or you have a problem with a retailer.


Ryanair: the first airline signed up to Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services has signed up Ryanair, one of the largest aviation companies in Europe to operate as its approved ADR body.