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Ombudsman Services secures new acquisition

Ombudsman Services | May 05, 2022

Ombudsman Services is pleased to announce that it has acquired the Internet Commission.

The Internet Commission is a non-profit business which promotes ethical business practice to counter hate speech, abuse and misinformation, whilst protecting privacy and freedom of expression.

The acquisition forms part of Ombudsman Services’ strategy to help build trust between consumers and businesses.


Matt Vickers, Chief Executive Officer of Ombudsman Services said: “This acquisition marks a significant development to build out new capabilities for our business that we believe will be really important in building trust between consumers and businesses."

Simon Palmer, the Managing Director of Ombudsman Services said: “This acquisition is the first that we have made as a business. It supports our long term aspirations of building trust and creating more transparency in our business activities. We will be announcing more details on our plans later this year when we will also share more details on future developments."

Jonny Shipp, the Internet Commission’s Founder and Executive Chair added: “I am excited that the business will now form part of a larger group where there is an ability to invest and develop further."

"I am grateful to everyone who has encouraged and supported the company’s vision and development so far, and look forward to helping to steer it to ever greater success in the years ahead.”