Responsible technology: think-tank calls for independent digital regulation

Ombudsman Services | Oct 11, 2018

Technology think-tank Doteveryone has set out its vision for a new independent regulatory body to provide oversight of the internet.

Doteveryone says an Office for Responsible Technology would empower regulators, inform the public and policymakers and help consumers to “seek redress from technology-driven harms.”

David Pilling, head of lobbying and policy at Ombudsman Services, said:

“The digital revolution has transformed how consumers live, shop and interact – delivering many benefits but also leading to growing concerns over privacy and data security.

“It’s vital for consumers that regulation keeps pace with technology. We agree with Doteveryone that some form of independent oversight of the internet is needed in order to ensure technology is used responsibly and that consumers can access redress.

“This report is a timely and helpful contribution to the current debate around how the online world should be policed. It raises lots of important issues that require further attention and discussion.

“We are pleased to have been able to contribute to the research. We look forward to working with Doteveryone and other relevant organisations in pursuit of a regulatory system that informs and protects consumers as they go about their digital lives.”

Read Doteveryone’s paper – Regulating for Responsible Technology - Capacity, Evidence and Redress