Solarplicity collapse: advice for customers and update on complaints (UPDATED)

Ombudsman Services | Last updated Sep 04, 2019

The below update is for customers who had a complaint with us against Solarplicity and did not transfer to TOTO prior to Solarplicity ceasing to trade. If your account moved to TOTO, please ignore this update. You will be contacted soon with more information.

Your complaint about Solarplicity

Dear customer,

As you may be aware, Solarplicity ceased trading on 13 August 2019. Unfortunately, this means we can take no further action on your complaint and have had to close your case. This applies whether your case was awaiting investigation, being investigated or we had reached a decision and you were awaiting a remedy.

Ofgem has appointed EDF Energy as a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) to ensure Solarplicity customers continue to receive supply. This means EDF has an obligation to set up accounts for its new customers and bill accurately.

In order to do this, it might need to correct any outstanding problems (e.g. fixing broken meters). In addition to its standard obligations, EDF has agreed to honour outstanding final credit balances for both current and former Solarplicity customers.

Please note that EDF will need to rely on Solarplicity’s administrators to provide it with final account information. This might mean a delay in EDF in honouring credit balances.

If your Solarplicity account is yet to be finalised:

You will be contacted by an administrator in due course.

If you have an outstanding financial remedy that you believe the administrator should consider:

You can confirm this to the administrator.

If EDF fails to meet its obligations as the Supplier of Last Resort (for example if it does not set up your account correctly, fix outstanding issues, or honour a final credit balance):

You can raise a complaint with EDF. If you don't accept the company's final offer or you've waited at least eight weeks after complaining, you can escalate the matter to us as a new complaint.

In summary:

  1. We are unable to take any further action on your complaint against Solarplicity

  2. If EDF does not meet its obligations as the Supplier of Last Resort, you can complain to EDF

  3. If you don't accept EDF’s final offer or you've waited at least eight weeks from complaining, you can start a new complaint with us

We’re sorry that we are unable to continue handling your complaint about Solarplicity.

Kind regards,

Ombudsman Services