Solarplicity collapse: advice for customers and update on complaints (UPDATED)

Ombudsman Services | LAST UPDATED Aug 20, 2019

It was announced on Tuesday 13 August 2019 that Solarplicity Supply Limited had ceased to trade.

This followed the transfer of the majority of Solarplicity’s customers to TOTO Energy in late July / early August.

On Friday 16 August Ofgem announced that it had appointed EDF Energy as the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) for Solarplicity’s remaining 7,500 domestic and 500 business customers.

Here is an update for consumers who have already complained or want to complain to us about Solarplicity.

If you have complained to us about Solarplicity

Whether you are now with EDF Energy, TOTO Energy or another supplier, please note that we have temporarily put your Solarplicity complaint on hold.

This will enable us to speak to the various parties involved and establish a way forward. We will be in touch when we are able to provide you with an update on the status of your complaint.

At the very least, there will be a delay to your case. It may be that we can take no further action.

What to do next

As mentioned above, we will be in contact as soon as we have more information on your complaint.

In the meantime, please note that our teams will be unable to provide you with any further information.

New complaints about Solarplicity

Because Solarplicity has ceased trading, we can’t investigate any new complaints about the company. If you are a former Solarplicity customer and want to raise a new complaint, you’ll need to speak to your new supplier in the first instance. If your new supplier doesn’t resolve your complaint within eight weeks, you can come to us and we might be able to help.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

The Energy Ombudsman