We can help with a range of problems related to the price of energy, however unless you think your supplier is charging more than is allowed under Ofgem’s price cap, we won’t be able to consider complaints about the actual price of energy.

For more information about the support that is available if you are struggling to pay your energy bills, we recommend visiting the Citizens Advice website or talking directly to your supplier.

Statement on Storm Ciara power cuts

Ombudsman Services | Last updated Feb 10, 2020

John Gallagher, an energy ombudsman at Ombudsman Services, sets out our position on complaints in relation to power cuts due to severe weather:

“In the event of loss of supply due to severe weather, an energy network should follow certain steps – including keeping its customers updated and making clear the circumstances in which people might be eligible for compensation.

“When looking at complaints, we will consider whether these steps were followed.

“Consumers will need to give their network provider eight weeks to try to put things right before the matter can be escalated to us. At that point they can complain to us.

“One thing to bear in mind is that, in most instances, an energy network will need to gain access to its substations before it can restore energy supply. In severe weather, this might not be possible – particularly if the substation is flooded.

“The relevant regulations mention lack of access to the energy network’s own premises as an exemption to the circumstances in which compensation might be paid.”

Further information

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