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Toto Energy collapses: advice for affected customers

Ombudsman Services | Last updated Oct 24, 2019

Below is a copy of a communication that we sent on Thursday 24 October to customers who had a complaint about Toto Energy open with us at the time of the company's collapse the previous day.

Dear customer,

As you may be aware, it was announced yesterday (Wednesday 23 October) that Toto Energy had ceased trading.

Unfortunately, due to the company’s collapse, we can take no further action on your complaint about Toto and have had to close your case.

This applies whether your case was awaiting investigation, being investigated or we had reached a decision and you were awaiting action from the company to put things right.

Ofgem, the energy regulator, will choose a new supplier to take on all of Toto’s customers in the coming days. This supplier will contact you shortly after being appointed.

In the meantime Ofgem’s advice, which we would echo, is to:

  1. Not switch to another energy supplier until a new one has been appointed and you have been contacted by them; and

  2. Take a meter reading ready for when your new supplier contacts you.

Under Ofgem’s safety net, your energy supply will continue and prepayment meters can be topped up as normal.

Ofgem has said that outstanding credit balances of Toto customers will be protected.

Therefore, if you had a credit balance with Toto you may wish to discuss this with your new supplier once they have been appointed.

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We’re sorry that we are unable to continue handling your complaint about Toto Energy.

Kind regards,

Ombudsman Services: Energy

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