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Warrington Foodbank welcomes donations and volunteers from Ombudsman Services over Easter

Ombudsman Services | Apr 12, 2023

Warrington Foodbank welcomes donations and volunteers from Ombudsman Services over Easter

Volunteers from Ombudsman Services had the pleasure last Thursday (6th April) to help Warrington Foodbank prepare for the Easter weekend. Colleagues spent the afternoon sorting a large delivery, labelling and stacking donated food, ready for the local community to collect what they need.

Ombudsman Services recently donated 500 Easter eggs and £1000 worth of urgently needed milk and fruit drinks to Warrington Foodbank. In addition, the company has set up a regular monthly donation to help with the ongoing running of the centre. Warrington Foodbank is funded by local churches and community groups, relying on donations and volunteers to work towards stopping hunger in the local area. Foodbanks across the country are struggling with a surge in demand and a drop in donations, so the ongoing support provided by Ombudsman Services is crucial for the centre and the community it supports.

Not only does the foodbank supply emergency food, but their volunteers are also on hand to offer much-needed conversation to those in need. They can also signpost vulnerable people to agencies that may help them in the longer term. “Working with Warrington Foodbank is one of the most important initiatives we take part in as a business,” said Simon Thornbury, Senior Leader for Legitimacy at Ombudsman Services.

“We’re committed to supporting our local community, whether that’s through donations or offering our time, and working closely with the foodbank helps us do just that.”

Supporting Warrington Foodbank is one of many community initiatives that Ombudsman Services gets involved in throughout the year. Colleagues are offered regular opportunities to volunteer at various local charities and projects, including The Mersey Forest, Camp Project Wales, The Cares Family and Room at the Inn.