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WATCH: When can I complain to Ombudsman Services?

Ombudsman Services | Last updated Jan 31, 2020

At Ombudsman Services, one of our key priorities for 2020 is to improve understanding and awareness of how, why and when to bring a complaint to us.

It’s as part of this focus on consumer education that we’ve created a new video explaining when we can look at an unresolved energy or communications complaint.

Called ‘When can I complain to Ombudsman Services?’, the short animation sets out that you must give your provider eight weeks to resolve the issue before we can look at a complaint – unless you receive a deadlock letter sooner.

When can I complain to Ombudsman Services?

This video explains when you can escalate your energy or communications complaint to Ombudsman Services. For more information on submitting complaints, or to take action and submit your complaint for investigation, visit our website: www.ombudsman-services.org

It also suggests that you make clear when speaking to your provider why you’re unhappy and what you would like to be done to fix the problem.

View the video on YouTube.

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