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20tele.com: we can review your complaint.

If you have an unresolved complaint about a communications or energy product or service we may be able to help.

Helping to improve customer service in the communications sector.


We resolved 95% of communications complaints in under 6 weeks in 2019.

We strive to resolve complaints quickly, making fair and balanced decisions.


49% of all communications complaints that we handled in 2019 were completed online.

We resolve complaints involving a wide variety of issues.


The typical goodwill payment that we awarded to consumers was £79 in 2019.

We ask providers to recognise when they have let customers down.

Ready to submit a complaint about 20tele.com?

There are a number of things you need to do before you can complain to us about 20tele.com. You'll need to log a formal complaint with the company, then allow them eight weeks to investigate or wait to receive a deadlock letter.

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What outcome can I expect if I complain?

We can ask companies to carry out a number of things:

  • Take practical action (e.g. credit or cancel an account, change your tariff).
  • Make an apology.
  • Offer a financial 'Time and Trouble' award. Click here.
  • Make recommendations to prevent this happening again.
  • A combination of these actions.

We resolve communications sector complaints about all sorts of things

  • Billing
  • Customer Service
  • Installations / delays
  • Switching suppliers
  • Loss of service
  • Sales
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