If your energy supplier has ceased trading, we’ll provide an update on your case as soon as Ofgem nominate a 'Supplier of Last Resort' to take over as your new supplier. Until that time we appreciate your patience and recommend you take a meter reading.

More information on our SoLR process is available here.

Terms of reference.

Ombudsman Services terms of reference.

We have a set of rules that govern the complaints we can and cannot accept for review. We call these rules our terms of reference.

Our terms of reference are formed from different pieces of legislation, including the EU Directive on Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). These rules can sometimes be a bit difficult to interpret, so we have produced this guidance to assist both consumers and our participating companies understand how we work.

Independent Assessor's terms of reference.

The Independent Assessor investigates complaints raised about the Ombudsman Services using the terms of reference given by the board.