What can we deal with?

The law requires any communications company which has domestic or small business customers' to join an approved redress scheme. Here is the list of communications companies that are signed up to our scheme.

We deal with complaints about the way in which the following communications services are provided:

  • mobile phones and smartphones (contract and pre paid);
  • landline (fixed line) telephones;
  • broadband internet including mobile broadband (dongle);
  • WiFi;
  • dial up internet;
  • SMS texting services; and
  • pay TV.

We also deal with certain other services and products for people with disabilities, these include

  • text relay (an operator service that translates voice to text and text to voice); and
  • free directory enquiries.

We cannot deal with complaints about:

  • products or services that are not bought or rented from member companies;
  • cable television services;
  • the location of telegraph poles and mobile phone masts;
  • cable and wiring inside your property;
  • the content of internet sites, advertisements, calls, emails, SMS (texts) or any other type of message;
  • problems that are already being dealt with by the courts or other complaints procedures;
  • employment and staff issues in communications companies;
  • complaints that we consider to be malicious or unjustified;
  • commercial decisions made by communications companies about whether to provide a product or service, and the terms under which they maybe provided; and
  • disagreements between communications companies.
Voluntary jurisdiction
Some companies choose to let the ombudsman handle complaints about products and services which are not regulated. Where this is the case, the complaint is handled in the same way as for regulated products and services. Products and services currently within voluntary jurisdiction include:
Paid for satellite television [link to document]

Voluntary jurisdiction

Some companies may also choose to allow Ombudsman Services to review complaints which would ordinarily fall outside our remit. This includes products and services that are not regulated. It also means we can consider complaints about companies that otherwise exceed our definition of a small business, and those complaints falling outside current financial limits. Our approach to these cases will follow the same principles we use for those cases that automatically fall within our jurisdiction.