Complaining to a communications company

We can only consider complaints about companies that have joined our service. Please check the latest list of companies that have joined our service.

Before you can use our service you must tell the company you are unhappy with about your problem and follow its complaints procedure. The firm or company has up to eight weeks to resolve your problem.

Advice when making a complaint

1. Contact the company as soon as possible – its contact details will be on the back of the bill or on its website.

2. Think about what you want to say before you make the call. Have the bill or document in front of you and explain the problem. Write down the name of the person you speak to, the time, the date and take a note of what they say they will do.

3. Hopefully the company will be able to resolve the problem at this stage. Listen carefully to what is proposed and decide if you are happy with this. If you are not, stay calm and let the person know that you are not happy.

4. Ask the company for a copy of its complaints procedure or ask where you can find it on the company’s website. Communications companies are required to tell you the best way to complain about the service they provide to you. Follow each stage of the complaints procedure until the problem is resolved.

5. If you need to write to the company, keep a copy of the letters you send. If you receive any letters from the company, keep them along with a record of any other phone calls you make or receive.

6. Don’t stop paying. Ask the company to put on hold the disputed part of the bill.

7. Work with the company to fix the problem. If access to your property is needed, arrange an appointment and make sure you keep to it.

8. If you are uncomfortable sorting the matter out for yourself, ask a trusted friend or a family member to help. You can give them your authority to speak to the company for you.

9. If the problem isn’t sorted out within eight weeks from the date that you first told the company about the problem, or you are unhappy with what the company has done to sort it out, contact us. You can complain using the form on this website or by calling 0330 440 1614. We will ask questions about your problem so get out the notes you have taken of the calls you have made and received and the letters you have sent and received. 

10. Be realistic and understand that it is not the role of ombudsman services to punish the company.