GB Energy Supply: advice for complainants

On 26 November 2016 GB Energy Supply announced that it is no longer trading. Ofgem has appointed Co-operative Energy to take on GB Energy Supply’s customers. GB Energy Supply customers who have queries can still contact the GB Energy Supply team on 0800 644 4451. We've prepared the following frequently asked questions (FAQs) for consumers who may have an unresolved complaint about GB Energy Supply.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 Will I be placed onto a different price and contract?

Co-operative Energy will honour the contract and price you had agreed with GB Energy Supply Ltd until the contract is due to expire.

Q2 Why am I still receiving bills from GB Energy Supply?

Co-operative Energy is continuing to run the business using GB Energy Supply systems and former GB Energy Supply staff. This means that you will receive bills branded with ‘GB Energy Supply’.

Q3 What will happen to the credit balance on my account?

Co-operative Energy will honour all outstanding credit balances for both current and past customer accounts. If you are a current customer your credit will be added to your account to be used towards your current energy usage. Co-operative Energy is still in conversation with Ofgem on how to manage the refund of credits for those customers who have switched supplier but the plan is that they will be refunded as normal.

Q4 What happens to my direct debit?

Your Direct Debit will be transferred over to Co-operative Energy. If you have already cancelled your Direct Debit, Co-operative Energy will contact you in due course.

Q5 Can I still raise a complaint about GB Energy Supply?

We are still registering and investigating complaints about GB Energy Supply.

Q6 I raised a complaint about GB Energy Supply before they ceased trading, will my complaint still be investigated?

Yes, we are still investigating complaints about GB Energy Supply.

Q7 I agreed to the Ombudsman’s decision but I have not received my remedy yet, will I still receive this?

We will be progressing these cases as usual and would expect the remedies to be implemented in accordance with our normal process.

Last updated December 2016