iSupplyEnergy taken over by Vattenfall

iSupplyEnergy has been taken over by Swedish energy company, Vattenfall. Some customers of iSupplyEnergy may wonder what this means for them. iSupplyEnergy has provided answers to some frequently asked questions, summarised below. If you have any further queries, please contact iSupplyEnergy’s Customer Service team on 0330 202 0302.

About your energy contract and supply

Q. Will iSupplyEnergy be changing its name? 
For now, iSupplyEnergy does not intend to change its brand name.

Q. Will my energy continue to be provided by iSupplyEnergy?
Yes, iSupplyEnergy will continue to supply your energy.

Q. Will my contract with iSupplyEnergy change? 
No, there is no change to your current contract with iSupplyEnergy.

Q. What will happen when my contract comes up for renewal?
iSupplyEnergy will offer you another tariff or you can choose to transfer to another supplier.
Q. Will the bank account details be changing (for paying money into/being paid money from)? 
The bank account details are presently staying the same. 

Q. Will payment dates change? 
No, the payments dates are currently staying the same.

About your energy complaint

Q. I have a complaint about iSupplyEnergy, who do I contact?
You should contact iSupplyEnergy in the first instance and give it the opportunity to resolve your complaint. If after eight weeks your complaint is unresolved, or you reach deadlock sooner, you can refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.

Q. I have a raised a complaint about iSupplyEnergy which the Energy Ombudsman is investigating, will they continue to investigate my complaint?
Yes, nothing has changed. The Energy Ombudsman is still investigating complaints about iSupplyEnergy and any action required by the Ombudsman will be completed.

Last updated June 2017