District and communal heating

District heating, sometimes known as communal heating, is a heat supply that is an alternative to gas. The technology has been developed to help reduce the carbon emissions within the United Kingdom in accordance with the Government’s commitments. A contract is usually formed between the district/communal heating supplier and the developer or Housing Association to use the heat technology within the premises. This is usually for a period in excess of 20 years, which means that a customer cannot transfer their supply to an alternative energy source, such as gas.

To ensure that district/communal heating customers receive an efficient service from their heat supplier a scheme called Heat Trust was created in November 2015. Although it is a voluntary scheme, it is supported by Government as a self-regulation initiative that recognises best practice. Heat Trust sets the customer service standards and customer protection requirements it expects district/communal heating suppliers that are a member of its service to provide.

Heat Trust members covered by our scheme 

Heat Trust is a member of Ombudsman Services: Energy; we can therefore look at complaints about suppliers that are members of its scheme. This includes:

  • E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd 
  • East London Energy Ltd 
  • Metropolitan King’s Cross T/A 95 Degrees 
  • SSE Heat Networks Ltd 
  • Switch2 Energy Ltd 
  • The Paintworks ESCO Ltd 
If you have a complaint about one of the above suppliers we recommend that you contact the company and allow it eight weeks to resolve your complaint. This advice may help. If after eight weeks your complaint remains unresolved please get in touch.