The Green Deal

Ombudsman Services has been appointed as the ombudsman and investigation service for the Green Deal.

The Green Deal is designed to help householders and businesses increase the energy efficiency of properties and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the UK. The Green Deal will be offered by the private sector to enable homeowners and businesses to implement energy efficiency improvements without having to pay all the costs in advance. The cost of the improvement(s) are then paid back over time, with payment recouped through customers’ electricity bills.

Our job is to help resolve complaints if a Green Deal Provider is unable or unwilling to help when something goes wrong with a Green Deal Plan. This includes complaints which have been considered by the Green Deal Provider and not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, or, where the customer has been unable to register a complaint with the Green Deal Provider. We can also accept complaints where the seller or landlord of a house fails to disclose key information about a Green Deal Plan, which they should do by giving the new bill payer a copy of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Green Deal Providers must be authorised by the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body. As part of this process they are required to sign up to our scheme. You will be able to see a list of companies that have signed up here when the registration process has been completed.

We can accept complaints that have occurred within a period of six years.

There are some complaints that we may have to direct to other organisations, for example:

  • Complaints related to the Customer Credit Act, or the financing or repayment process; these should be handled by the Financial Ombudsman.
  • Complaints that would be better handled by enforcement or advocacy bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading, Trading Standards or Citizens Advice (eg if a service wasn't correctly described or the pricing seems unfair).

For more information on the types of complaints we can look at download our leaflet, About The Green Deal

For more information about the Green Deal look at the Green Deal Initiative website [link to]

More information on the Green Deal

  • For the latest information on the Green Deal, visit the GOV.UK website
  • Or you can view DECC's quick guides to the Green Deal
  • In England and Wales you can speak to the Energy Saving Advice Service by calling 0300 123 1234
  • In Scotland, to speak to Home Energy Scotland, please call 0808 808 2282

The Code of Practice for Green Deal providers

Green Deal providers have rules about the way that they work. Click here to view the Green Deal Code of Practice.

The regulations for the Green Deal

Here is the framework for the Green Deal legislation.

Guidance for Green Deal Providers